The Diva’s StampTV premiere…and a giveaway!

Today the Diva’s are are being featured by Gina on StampTV!

To THANK YOU all for such wonderful, positive, heart warming comments welcoming the Diva’s, and myself, into the GKD family and in honor of the Diva’s first television appearance I am hosting a giveaway!

What’s the prize?

A Diva of course!

Leave me a comment telling me which Diva is your favorite and you will have a chance to win!

I will randomly choose 1 winner for each Diva (Scooter, Balanced and Skater)!

The contest will be open until January 27 at 9pm (EST).

I’ll post the winners here on Monday!

In the meantime, please check Balanced Diva out on StampTV!



  1. 1

    mrs says

    Debbie, what a grand opening of “C” stamps/ mini sets with GinaK – Stamptv! Skater caught on here with over eight inches of ice on the pond and GD taking skating lessons in town at the outdoor rink and warming house! Anticipating many diva designs with hot topic zip. Welcome to GKD fam of crafters. Keep Looking UP!

  2. 2

    Donna Phelan says

    Well they ALL are so adorable……but if I have to pick only one I would pick Balanced Diva. With the New Year here, shouldn’t we all be more balanced? I am hoping to get back into Yoga this year, makes me feel well…..”more balanced”, mind, body & soul. Have a Happy Day!

  3. 3

    Marianne says

    i have seen some adorable cards made with the skating diva, so i think that is my new favorite. Of course, the other two have so much going for them, too. Thanks for sharing

  4. 4

    Angie Hall says

    Congrats again for being on the desgn team at Gina K. You are among some talented , nice, uplifting folks.I think I like Scootr Diva the very best BUT balanced Diva is a close second. I recently tried a Yoga/pilates class at my gym and I may be getting hooked on her. Thanks

  5. 5

    Billie says

    Your diva addition is so cool. I have several teen grandchildren who would love cards made with her. I like the skating Diva because it reminds me of Christmas and I love making Christmas cards. Congratulations being on the design team of Gina K. She has such a great team.

  6. 6


    A giveaway! Fun! Well, since I have ordered Scooter and Skater Divas…. my choice if I were to win would be to round out my Diva collection with Balanced Diva. ;D

    Hope to see even more Divas in upcoming new GKD releases. ;D

  7. 9

    Verna Angerhofer says

    I really love your new Divas. I only purchased one so it would be nice to have another as well. I had to curtail due to money issues.

  8. 11

    Carol M. says

    All of the Divas are adorable!! It’s a tough choice to pick a fave. I love Scooter Diva (I used to ride bikes, you see) and I love Skater Diva too. (no I don’t skate!) I’d just be thrilled to win one!!

    Welcome to StampTV and GKD, Debbie!!

  9. 12

    Kim says

    I love all three sets but, since Valentines Day is coming up I think my favorite would be the ice skating diva. Your stamps are adorable and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  10. 14

    Pat Jandacek says

    The scooter diva would be my first choice but I’ve enjoyed seeing them all portrayed during the release party. Each comes with such appropriate expressions. Welcome to GKDesigns

  11. 15

    Priscilla says

    My favorite is scooter Diva. I think she’s the most versatile with so many basket options. I’d even use it as a thank you/appreciation card for a man (the Diva being me, of course!).

  12. 16

    Gail says

    Love the yoga stamp set will be ordering it soon from GinaK love her store and ideas she shows on Stamp TV.
    I love making cards and this set will be perfect for gift cards I make for all my friends and yoga teacher . Cant’s wait to see if you make more yoga stamps. Would love it. Gail

  13. 19

    Gerry Soucek says

    What adorable stamp sets. I think the scooter diva would be my first choice, but eventually I want all three.

  14. 20

    Marilyn from MI says

    Your Divas make me feel young just to look at them. I think my favorite is Scooter Diva because of her many options to put in her basket. Welcome aboard!

  15. 21

    Cindy Daversa says

    What a delight to have your darling images! GKD are outstanding quality stamps, and everyone involved is just super wonderful! Love Skater Diva, but the other two are just as cute!

  16. 22

    Kim says

    Welcome- I’m sure you can tell you are settling into GKD very well- what adorable designs & cards you have made! I just love all 3 but…I guess if i have to pick…(OH, which one lol)…
    SCOOTER DIVA!!! I think if you anyone is looking for a versitile design it would be her- I have my future designs already planned out…LOL

  17. 23

    Sherry Wolfe says

    The scooter diva is my favorite. How could you not love the little dog in the basket?

  18. 24

    naneruth says

    I love the skating diva but I guess to pick a favorite it is the scooter diva. So many more elements to use for ideas in that one.

  19. 26

    Kathy M. says

    I love all three Divas. But the Scooter Diva is my favorite. Thanks for a chance to win.

  20. 27

    Julie S. says

    I like them all, but my favorite is definitely Skater Diva. There’s something so cute about her pose. I’m looking forward to seeing more Divas in the future!

  21. 28

    Laura Karaba (@mamakaraba) says

    LOVE them all! Especially “Skater Diva”! Love the heart design on the ice also!

  22. 29

    Jeanne Kouyeas says

    I love all three of your Divas and I really hope to see more of them. It is hard to pick a favorite because they are all so cute, but since I just bought a yoga mat last night and I’m starting a yoga class Monday, I would say I like Balanced Diva the best right now. Hopefully that will be me (lol!) Truly, I love them all – they are great!!

  23. 32

    Katherine Marcantoni says

    I love your stamp. I have the skater one and I am having fun with it . i had made ton of cards for Valentine’s day already.

  24. 33

    Kathy Cardon says

    Love the scooter diva – even though I am not a diva and don’t have a scooter. She’d be fun to use.

  25. 34


    Welcome to such a loving and creative group at StampTV!!!! Your divas are superb! I love to ice skate, but I can’t help being madly in love with SCOOTER DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 35

    Pam Gale says

    These stamp sets are so cute… I love them all but eventhough I am a bike rider I have to say that the skater diva stole my heart.. :) Keep on producing adorable stamps!

  27. 36

    Sharyn Polesel says

    I love all three. The Scooter Diva is my favorite, but I already bought it, so my second choice would be the Balanced Diva. They are all really cute and fun.

  28. 38

    Vikki says

    Would love to win a Diva, I have a friend who just had breast cancer and had her left breast removed, this would make such a perfect card to make, because she really keeps her life balanced and this would be nice to cheer her up. So glad you designed a wonderful set

  29. 39

    Lorraine Groves says

    I love the whimsical look of all the diva sets. It’s impossible to say which diva I love the most. I love them all. Fantastic design. Welcome.

  30. 40

    Sylvia Rivera says

    I love all three, but my favorite is the Balanced Diva.
    Thanks for creating and sharing your beautiful Divas and for the chance to win one.

  31. 42

    Susan White says

    Congrats for joining the Gina K teams, you Diva’s are darling, my favorite is scooter diva!!

  32. 43

    Gayle Chrvala says

    My favorite Diva is Scooter Diva and that’s why I ordered her from Gina K. I would have to say my next fav would be Scooter Diva but adore the sample that Gina K did today with Balanced Diva and I certainly can use all the balance I can get in my life. Can’t wait to see more from you at Gina K Designs and StampTV

  33. 45

    Heather Hotchkiss says

    I really like the scooter diva and the yoga diva – both are right up my alley! Congrats on the great sets; I love everything at Gina K!

  34. 47

    Mida Williams says

    Welcome to the GKD family. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your cute little Divas. My favourite one is Scooter Diva.

  35. 48

    Jean Cavalier says

    I love all of the Divas .. but I think I would pick Scooter Diva .. thank you for the chance to win!

  36. 49

    Louella Turvey says

    I love the scooter diva!! She can scoot on over to her nearest scrapbooking store anytime she wants too, and look at the smile on her face too! hahaha, wishing it was me right now as we speak!

  37. 50

    Jeanne Loughran-Pirkl says

    Beng a devoted fan of Yoga, Balanced Diva is my absolute favorite. Namaste.

  38. 51

    Jocelyn Turner says

    I love them all and really enjoyed Gina’s video using the balanced diva, but my favourite of all is the ice skating diva. Congratulations on such a successful range.

  39. 54


    I can only pick one?! Hard to say which is my fave… Pr ob the sk8 diva, but then I’m a sucker for dog stamps & scooter diva’s terrier is so dang cute! Gre at illustrations!

  40. 55

    Ardis says

    I love them all, but my pick is Skater Diva. I used to ice skate as a child and she brings back wonderful memories. They can all be used in the cute ways for cards, scrap booking and many other projects.

  41. 56

    Donna Simonson says

    Welcome to the Gina K family! Wonderful designs and designers….You’ll fit right in! I love all the divas but my favorite is the Scooter Diva!

  42. 58

    SharonP says

    Debbie you have only been here 2 minutes and you have not only spoiled us with you Darling Divas but now you are going to give them away!!!!! Oh but now I need to pick a favourite..ok if I really had to choose, Balanced Diva has won my heart a little smidge more than the others.

  43. 59

    Kris Bennett says

    I LOVE the skater girls! The first time I saw them I wanted ALL of them! My favorite is the scooter girl. I can see myself off on a scooter leaving an invite in each of my girl friends mailboxes for a Girls only Scrp Party! Hope I win all of these!!

  44. 60

    Lorraine Padden says

    Difficult to choose but if you twist mt arm, it is Balancing Diva. I really like the Diva’s. I am one! LOL.

  45. 62

    Deanne says

    What fun you darling diva’s are! Scooter would be my fav, closely followed by balanced. Too cute!

  46. 63

    Tracy says

    I love all the Diva’s but I need to say balanced Diva is my favorite. I just id the right stamp to go with my new and improved attitude for the New Year! Thanks for a chance to win!