Tangled Party Part 1: Hair Extensions

Hey there…a few weeks ago the one and only Molla-Cutie turned 6.  She started planning her party before Christmas (to be clear..*I* didn’t start planning then…*SHE* did).

The theme?


My mission (should I chose to accept it)?

To pull off one of the best birthday parties ever in Molly’s little life.


All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR PINTEREST.   I immediately started perusing the pinboard site from the heavens and was overwhelmed with ideas!  The first idea I had (based off of countless images was to make hair braids using barrettes).

I started with a POUND of yarn and a bag of hair clips.

I cut 15 strands of yarn, each 10’long (That’s 150′ of yarn per barrette folks).  I then folded each piece over the barrette and hot glued it down making 30 pieces of yarn for the braid.

When I was done, I had this!

 And when I was really done I had these!  (There are 17 there..yea…17)  That is 2,550′ of yarn people.  It’s no wonder I was having nightmares about this stuff!

As one of the birthday crafts I purchased foam stickers and let the girls decorate their braids.  I wish I had gotten a few pictures of them decorating but it was a little hectic at the time!  Let’s just say glitter and foam stickers were flying everywhere!  When they finished their braids they sat down and had their picture taken in a frame I made.

The frame is made out of a printer box.  I cut it out while the Mr. was at work (For my safety and for the safety of those around me it’s against house rules for me to play with knives…but time was of the essence here.  I’m happy to report that I still have all of my digits).

I then painted it with some Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint.  I painted 2 coats of the white paint the day before the party and decorated it as best I could the morning of the event.  I couldn’t get too fancy shmancy with it and expect it to be dry.  Thankfully the paint dries pretty fast.  I hot glued ribbon around the inside square to hide my uneven cuts to give it a more clean look.

So there you have it…Rapunzel’s hair extensions.

But what would a Tangled party be without hair falling out a window (and draped over a gutter)?

I hate to show this picture mostly b/c I HATE the color of our siding.  The whole picture looks drab.  But that aside let me give you the deets on this braid.  The Mr. bought 12 bags of polypropelyene camping rope (45′ long).  For those interested in the math that is 540′ of rope.  By the time we braided this rope I had already spent HOURS braiding the barrettes.  I’m not gonna lie..I was braided out.  But it had to be done.  Using the same idea for the barrettes, we folded the rope in half and stapled it onto a block of wood.

When we were done we had 24 pieces of “hair” each 22 1/2′ long.  Then the fun began – the braiding.  This was a 2 person job and involved some twister moves but moved along pretty quickly once we found our grove.  The block of wood was crucial for anchoring it inside the window.  I’m really happy b/c the rope, from a distance, actually looked like “hair”.

So that’s it.  Part 1 of Molly’s Tangled Party extravaganza.  All about the hair.  Hope you found some inspiration!  Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Debbie

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    You CRACK me up Debbie! what a super mum you are! those braids are just too fun – and the frame for their pictures is perfect for each party goer to remember this so special party!!

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    Jen says

    We had a Tangled party just a few weeks ago for my 5 year old (adpoted) sister. We made spaghetti we served most of the food on skillets, We also made little mini pie ( you know cuz she likes to bake) use fillo shells. Gold and pupler balloons in place of lanters. Games pin the skillet on Rapunzel hand, find the crown and flynns bag, and dont get caught with Flynns bag (like hot potato). Lots of fun


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