Mickey Mouse Cupcakes


My favorite little niece turned 3 the other day and she is all about the man, the myth, the MOUSE  himself, Mickey!  Being the most wonderful Aunt that I am (snicker) I offered to make cupcakes for her special day.  I got the idea from Pinterest and HAD to replicate it! This is a chocolate cupcake […]

What’s Cookin?: Penuche


Well hellllo!  I’m back from my blogging hiatus..or am I?  Either way, I have a family holiday recipe to share with ya!   It’s called Penuche.  Ever hear of it?  It’s a delicious sugary concoction made with white and brown sugar and not much else.  I grew up not being a fan of this stuff..I […]

What’s Cookin': Sauteed Zucchini


Time for another recipe by yours truly! It’s been a while right?  This recipe for sauteed zucchini is so easy and so YUMMY!  We’ve had some ginormous zucchini’s grow in  our garden this year.  And a spaghetti squash plant that has been strangling and killing everything in it’s path.   But that’s a story for […]

Special Post: Frosting for the Cause


I am so honored to be posting today for Frosting for the Cause. A project that is raising cancer awareness through 365 baker/bloggers over the course of 2011.  I had written up the majority of this post a few days ago…hemming and hawing on who to focus on.  Chris and I have had (too) many […]

What’s Cookin': Roll ‘em Ups!


Hi folks! I’ve got a recipe for ya today called… ROLL ‘EM UPS  They are one of those handed down recipes that probably started with my great grandma. Growing up my family ate it with stew but I never understood that really. Unless these no-good-for-you-deliciously-sweet bites of pure joy were used as a bribing tool to get […]

What’s Cookin': SCONES


Who woulda ever thought this girl would be blogging about scones. More importantly scones of the ham and cheese variety. I didn’t know such a thing even existed! Here is how this all went down…. My mom was talking to me one day about a ham and cheese scone she had once (I believe in NYC) […]

Hundred Hole Cake


Every once in a while a recipe comes along that ROCKS MY WORLD.  And today I’m sharing one of those recipes with you! Many years ago a friend of mine and Beth’s, the fabulous, wonderful, super TALENTED and so much FUN Kerri Sox, shared this recipe with us and my life has never been the […]

Crab Rangoon anyone?


I love crab rangoon. But I hardly ever order it when we get chinese (which is a rare occasion as it is) because I am the only member of my family that eats it! I found a recipe in a kraft foods magazine about a YEAR ago and finally got around to making it today. […]