Angry Bird Bookmark

Thank you Pinterest for just being YOU!  I have a serious pinterest addiction going on…I can stare and stalk for hours.  I mentioned in my last post that I found my kick-butt Angry Birds bowling game on pinterest and this craft is no exception.  Again for Meg’s birthday celebration in school, I created a kamikaze angry bird bookmark craft for the kids to do.  Thanks for the idea!  Visit nheilke for a great tutorial on monster page corner bookmarks which is what I based this project on.

While you can measure and cut this project easily enough (or even use the corner of an envelope), I was making this for 20 kids so I decided to draw it up in Illustrator and use it in my Silhouette machine.  If any of you are interested in the .studio or .pdf file, Let me know!

{ETA:  There has been a lot of interest in this bookmark template & many requests for the file so I thought I should update this post with a downloadable link!   Thanks so much for all of your comments, emails & interest!  If you make and blog this please let me know (or link back here!) so I can see you’re creations!}

Angry Bird Bookmark Template (.png)

While not as popular as the can game this definitely held the kids interest and gave them a crafty project to work on.

Sorry for the blurry shot!  These pics were taken on my iphone.

I had a baggie for each child with all the pre-cut pieces needed for the bird.  They used their glue sticks to stick it all together.  I loved making this project with them.  LOVED IT.

Ooo that is one angry bird!

Can you see the OCL sparkly fluff on the eye brows?  The birds made IN school are fluff-free.  I let the girls make some at home, however, and we got our fluff on!

 We LOVE this ferocious bird bookmark!

xo, Debbie

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  1. 1


    Very cute! My children, along with thousands of others it seems, love angry birds. We will definitely be making use of your idea.



  2. 2


    Hey Debbie! what a fun fun project for the kiddos! These are so bright and what great expression! so so creative! long time no see – hugs to you GF!!

  3. 6

    Helena says

    Could you send me the pdf of the angry birds corner bookmark. This is such a great way to encourage children to read. Thank you.

  4. 7

    Leigh says

    HI Debbie,
    I was wondering if you could send me the pdf? I would like to make these with my daughter’s first class class after reading a book called Calvin Can’t Fly. It’s about a starling who reads so much he foregts to learn how to fly!
    Thaks so much.

  5. 9

    Coleen says

    This is a GREAT idea! Would love to do this with a big group of kids. If you could send me the pdf I’d love that too.